Marching Band and Indoor Percussion are the fastest developing competitive music genres of our age. Andrew has nearly a decade of experience composing/arranging for and instructing ensembles of all skill levels, from the beginning percussion ensemble to a world-class drum corps.

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Downingtown Indoor Percussion Ensemble 2017 WGI Semi Finals

Music Arranging

The need for a custom-designed program is imperative to the development of the skills of your percussionists. Even if your program has a percussion staff, it is still important to have a technique program catered to the specific skill set of your percussion ensemble. Although "boxed" shows are convenient for design, the percussion writing often requires alteration to meet the exact needs of your percussionists. Andrew can work with you during the design process to deliver a product that will both challenge and motivate your students.

Below is a perfect example of taking an existing piece of music and fitting it exactly to the ensemble. "Going Home" was the closer to Cheltenham High School's 2016 show, "Letters to Home," a story of a hero coming home from war. With this custom-tailored show, Cheltenham captured the championship in their competing class.

Notation and Recording Technology

Music education in the technological age offers virtually unlimited resources for you and your students. As part of Andrew's design services you will receive not only a professional score designed with the latest version of Sibelius Notation Software to accompany your existing material, but also a state-of-the-art mp3 recording made with the latest and most revered percussion sound library, Tapspace Productions Virtual Drumline. If your show requires voice or electronic samples, Andrew is well-versed in MIDI and sound design. Using the state-of-the-art software instruments in Logic Pro X, MainStage, and Virtual Drumline, Andrew can design the perfect samples for your program.

Program Design and Coordination

The complexity and demand of competitive marching music is always increasing. Andrew can help in your design process to effectively communicate fresh and original ideas to your audiences and adjudication panels. From production charts to choreography, Andrew can assist at all levels of the process.


Sometimes all your program needs to take it to the next level is a new set of eyes and ears. Andrew has worked with some of the finest ensembles in the activity and is willing to offer consultation at every level of your program. Services can vary from a clinic or residency at your rehearsals to a form of virtual communication at your convenience.